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A fully open-source technology for ultra-large scale nucleic acid synthesis

Bioassembler members Mark Somoza and Gisela Ibáñez-Redín, from Universität Wien, are co-authors in a study that presented an open-source synthesizer for light-directed chemical synthesis of large nucleic acid libraries and microarrays.

The study arises from the challenge of the inaccessibility of technologies for large-scale synthesis – due to complexity and/or proprietary issues. Large-to-ultra-large scale synthesis of nucleic acids is a very important tool for understanding and manipulating biological systems and for developing new technologies based on engineered biological materials.

Here they introduce a fully open source, benchtop device for ultra-large scale nucleic acid synthesis, which is highly flexible and adaptable, able to accommodate a wide range of monomers and chemistries while providing unrestricted access to synthesis parameter space.

Find out more in the preprint published in the journal ChemRxiv:

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