The main objective of BIOASSEMBLER is to develop bio-Intelligent manufacturing processes for multiplex MEMS biosensors.

BIOASSEMBLER overall goal is to develop a new generation of biosensors manufactured through a bio-intelligent process for rapid and massively parallel integration of biomolecules onto silicon wafers. This new technology will enable important applications for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, particularly as biosensors, that are not available until now.

BIOASSEMBLER also aims to understand how these innovative technologies will help in the transformation of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The fusion of microelectronics and biotechnology will strength European leadership in this area and lead to increased business and work opportunities. 

The project’s practical objectives are:


Manufacturing of sensor arrays on silicon wafers


Photolithographic chemistry process for creating DNA zipcode arrays on silicon wafers


DNA-guided self-assembly process for addressing biomolecules to zipcodes on a silicon wafer


Method for efficient bioproduction of DNA-tagged, self-assembling antibodies


Wafer-scale integration of fluidics and silicon chips for scalable biosensor fabrication


Functional testing and validation of the biosensors in multiplexed bioassays


Assessing the societal and business challenges and opportunities involved in the technologies
BIOASSEMBLER will reach out to society to promote dialogues concerning the expected results and impacts throughout the lifespan of the project.