Rita Campos

PhD in Biology. Researcher in science communication and science education.

Hugo Pinto

PhD in Governance, Knowledge and Innovation. Professor of Urban and Regional Economics.

Tiago Santos Pereira

PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies, SPRU, Univ. Sussex. Co-Director PhD in Governance, Knowledge and Innovation. Senior Researcher at CES and at CoLABOR.

Filipa Queirós

PhD in Sociology. Researcher in social studies of science and technology, interested in techno-scientific innovations in surveillance and forensics field.

Joana Sousa

PhD in Anthropology. Researcher in environmental anthropology.

Filipe Santos

PhD in Sociology. Specializes in criminal justice and forensic science, privileging theoretical approaches from the science, technology and society studies.

Gustavo García-López

PhD in Environmental Policy. Action-researcher in environmental justice, commons and post-extractive futures.

Bernardo Valente

M.Sc. in Political Science. PhD student at University NOVA of Lisbon. Junior Researcher in Bioassembler at CES.

Bianca Brito

B.A. in Communication (Journalism). M.A. student at the University of Lisbon. Junior researcher at CES.