BioAssembler celebrates Citizen Science

April is the Citizen Science Month! Science must be grounded in the practical improvement that can be provided to populations worldwide. 

The academic world can’t live without attending to the issues of the people needing technological advancement, and BioAssembler is working to bridge that gap. One of the most notorious features of the BioAssembler project is the effort by the consortium partners to engage with communities in different geographical areas. The European Commission prioritizes close contact with people from non-scientific backgrounds, and the BioAssembler wants to help the EU achieve the goals for a more sustainable future. 

We follow the principles and values of citizen science. One of the BioAssembler tasks looks for the people’s opinions on the benefits and cons of finding new solutions to the biosensors market to understand how the outputs of the Horizon project can be helpful to European industries, communities and citizens. This commitment to science quality and global engagements means scientific findings can come from broader perspectives and experiences, leading to more diverse and innovative results.

The BioAssembler team is happy to see a growing concern in involving the opinion of civil society in scientific matters. Together, we can help build a more informed, engaged, and scientifically literate society.

To get to know more about Citizen Science, you can check the website:

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