BioAssembler values biodiversity

The 22nd of May is the International Biodiversity Day. When biodiversity is threatened worldwide, our survival is also threatened. We must take action and address the sustainability challenges for the following years.


The protection of biodiversity can be pursued at all levels of society – At an individual level by reducing waste, at a professional level by reinforcing the importance of companies adopting sustainable practices and at a governmental level by implementing environmental-friendly policy programmes. 

The European Union is firmly committed to respecting the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Moreover, Biodiversity Day represents the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of innovation in the European market. The BioAssembler consortium looks forward to becoming crucial in producing sustainable biosensors and promoting biodiversity by engaging in a circular economy model that allows plastic and waste reduction in the multiplex microelectromechanical devices market. 


BioAssembler aims to contribute to a more biodiverse future by developing sustainable technologies and studying how new biosensors can help build a safer world from a social and environmental point of view.

Check the website to get to know more about environmental protection and biodiversity:

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