BioAssembler is recruiting a new member for the CES team

BioAssembler is becoming well-known for its strong multidisciplinarity and has launched an open call for an artist to join the team!

While some of the consortium’s scientists work in DNA zipcoding or wafer functionalisation, others are running patents and literature analysis of the biosensors market. The revolutionary approach of the BioAssembler consists of combining Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and Humanities to produce innovation in biotechnology manufacturing. 

Therefore, we are bringing another member to the team, and our research will become more multidisciplinary than ever. The new member will be focused on developing an artistic residency inside the BioAssembler project. This artist will work on the aesthetics of the project outputs and add creativity to all activities in which BioAssembler is involved. 

The BioAssembler expects to feed its social media with stunning artistic content and proof that Science is more enjoyable when it counts on the contribution of people from different backgrounds.  

The BioAssembler team is excited to receive qualified applications from artists willing to work closely with scientists and bridge the gaps between the lab-based hard sciences and the creative world of the arts.

The possibility of working with an international consortium of researchers, with the opportunity to travel occasionally to get acquainted with the goals of the project to build up the visual content aimed by this art residency call, is one of the most attractive features of this position.

To apply, the candidate should submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Updated CV
  • Portfolio
  • Three professional references

If you are a suitable candidate to join BioAssembler and bring the artsy approach the consortium team is missing, apply here: The deadline is November 19th.

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