Artist Andrea Inocêncio arrives in Finland for the project’s artistic residency

We recently announced the arrival of Andrea Inocêncio at BioAssembler as one of our collaborating artists. We already have news to share about that – as promised!

Andrea travelled to Finland this week and started working on the project’s artistic residency.  Her first activities included visits to the laboratories and facilities of the Finnish-based partners, VTT and Biomensio.

Since her arrival, she has already been to VTT’s FutureHub building, where she was welcomed by the project’s coordinator, Petri Saviranta. He explained the project’s objectives and content and presented the materials and machines used in the research processes. 

The artist also visited VTT’s Mikronova building. There she was guided by Work Package 6 coordinator Sami Lähteenmäki, who presented how VTT is applying microelectronic technologies in the context of the project.

Moving from VTT facilities in Espoo to Tampere, Andrea was welcomed by Biomensio team coordinator Anna Spehar, who guided her on a visit to Biomensio’s facilities while discussing the work being done there.

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Andrea will spend a few more days between Tampere and Espoo, getting to know other members of the Bioassembler team and delving deeper into the work being done, to be inspired in the creation of the artistic product. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this exciting artistic residency!

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