Bridging art and science: a new artist joins our team

The BioAssembler team keeps growing and becoming more multidisciplinary. Andrea Inocencio is joining the project as one of our collaborating artists. She was chosen to be part of the team through an open call launched last year. Her role will be focused on developing an artistic residency within the BioAssembler project and contributing to the aesthetics of the project outputs.

Andrea’s creative work includes drawing, photography, performance, and artist’s books. She has exhibited and performed since 1996, in Portugal and abroad, undertaken artistic residencies, and received several grants and awards. You can check her website for a sneak peek at the artist’s aesthetic and creative vision.

© 2012 andrea inocêncio. all rights reserved.

Andrea is the second artist to join our group. Last year we were also joined by the illustrator Inês Montalvão, who has been working on the creation of a visual dictionary. This art-based resource is aimed at explaining key terms and concepts regarding biotechnology and the development of the biosensors devised by the project.

One of the BioAssembler’s goals is to combine Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities to produce innovation in biotechnology manufacturing. Our team believes that science is more enjoyable and inclusive when it incorporates the contribution of people from different backgrounds. By involving artists in the project, we hope to enrich our communication with society and bridge the gaps between the lab-based hard sciences and the creative world of the arts.

Currently, Andrea is preparing to take a closer look at the ongoing research being carried out in the laboratories of the consortium partners. The outcomes of these interactions will be a source of inspiration for the development of the artistic residency.

We can’t wait to bring updates on this collaborative process and upcoming results. Stay tuned!

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