Midterm evaluation of the BIOASSEMBLER project

Our work is progressing, and like all projects under the Horizon Europe programme, we undergo periodic reviews by the European Commission.

On Monday, 27th, we had the mid-term review of Bioassembler, which is now approaching its two-year mark.

This is an important moment when we present what we have achieved in the project’s Work Packages to representatives of the European Commission, the Project Officer and the external evaluator. They monitor this progress and make valuable suggestions for the project’s next steps. 

Our evaluation meeting was a long but very productive moment to discuss the work done so far and to fine-tune the work we still have ahead of us. It was also important to think together about how to maximise the impact of the Bioassembler project in different aspects – scientific, economic, social and educational.

The periodic reviews are essential for monitoring and reporting on the development of research projects financed with public funds from the EU Member States, ensuring transparency and accountability!

It also help us visualise how much we have already done, and the many results that are yet to come. As promised, we have many exciting news about the project to share with you. So, keep following us to stay updated!

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