BioAssembler values biodiversity

The 22nd of May marks International Biodiversity Day. When biodiversity is threatened worldwide, our survival is also threatened. We need to take action and address the sustainability challenges for the following years.

CES participa em investigação que visa a transformação sustentável do fabrico de biossensores

O Centro de Estudos Sociais (CES) da Universidade de Coimbra (UC) integra o novo projeto de investigação ‘BIOASSEMBLER – Integrando a montagem bio-inspirada na tecnologia de fabrico de semicondutores para biossensores’, que procura promover a integração das Ciências Sociais e Humanidade no desenvolvimento de tecnologias inovadoras no fabrico de microssensores e na transformação sustentável deste sector.

Bio-intelligent micromanufacturing paves the way for new biosensors – application areas include health, food and environmental monitoring

Microelectromechanical sensors are essential components in all walks of life. However, bringing biospecific elements into miniaturized sensors has been a challenge, obstructing the development of bioanalytical applications. A new European project aims to change this by developing key enabling technologies for producing silicon-based multiplexed biosensors rapidly and cost-effectively. This could transform semiconductor-based biosensor industries in Europe.

Abcalis` Vegan Antibodies meet MEMS

Surely you have, or know someone that has, a smartphone that can tell you how many hours you’ve slept or how many steps you’ve taken during the day. But did you know that this information is given by very small sensors, probably produced outside Europe?